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College enrollment has changed drastically over the years, and is expected to increase exponentially in the next decade. State universities that used to only have 1000 students enrolled now enroll over 40,000 students. Because of funding, these universities are attractive to international students and researchers, making college applications more and more competitive each year. There is also more of a need for college graduates in the working world today, whereas several decades ago a high school diploma would suffice.

As the demand for higher education and better grades increases in society, there has been an increase in the number of after-schools and tutor centers. Parents view these extra Saturday mornings as their child’s ticket into college. But with the rising need for these classes, it is becoming harder and harder for these businesses to differentiate themselves. New funding could provide these businesses the ability to offer cheaper services and make their programs more appealing to families. They could also offer students more activities to get them to come back and possibly recommend the program to their friends. After-school programs are more catered towards the younger demographic because once a child hits middle school or high school, they will start attending Saturday prep classes. Both businesses have a different way of running but both cater to the fact that families see a higher need for their children to have supplementary learning on top of school.

Summer is also a great time for these businesses to make money. As students enter summer breaks they have more time to invest in supplementary classes. Parents will send younger children to these summer school programs because they double as daycare centers and older students will attend for either SAT prep or tutoring. But there are so many places for parents to choose from that it comes down to which location is the closest to them. This is because not everyone has the resources to make their programs different- the standard field trips and English and Math booklets are offered at every summer program. With extra funding, these schools are given the opportunity to make their program more appealing, regardless of whether or not the location is the most convenient. They can offer a bigger facility, competitive pricing and discounts, or purchase better teaching material.

Angie is an entrepreneur who runs her own business. Her school is located in the San Gabriel Valley where many students are enrolled in programs such as the ones mentioned above. Each year, she looks forward to designing a better curriculum for her clients and has seen a steady increase in the number of applicants each year. But in 2014, her facility reached maximum capacity and she was seeking more money to expand to a second location. She came to Xpress Loans 911 Funding seeking a cash advancement for her after-school/summer school business, Amax Academy. Her school was in need of extra funding to open up a second facility because her current facility was over capacity, which led to behavioral problems. There were fights between the students, and parents were constantly complaining about how loud the place had become. But as the sole business owner, it took a lot of funds to keep such a successful company alive. She already had accounts open with several banks, and although she was on track with paying them back, she could not borrow much else. As the summer season was approaching, she knew she needed money and she needed it fast. Brochures needed to be designed and mailed out and a new location acquired. She decided to call Legend Advance Funding, where we were able to give her the money in less than a week.

“Xpress Loans 911 was so great to work with and it was so easy for me to get my funding! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help with getting more funding. Within a week I was able to secure my school’s second location and my business did not take a hit. I remember it was such a stressful time and I honestly didn’t even know what a cash advance was! I look forward to doing business with Legend again.”

says Amax Academy owner Angie L. She was able to seek out the second location and secure it within weeks and was able to retain her clients and run the summer program smoothly.

As a company that strives to help small companies and has experience in providing funding to these businesses, Xpress Loans 911 Funding offers a variety of different services to cater to every unique client. A free pre-approval process with no collateral required will get business funding to your company in no more than 3-5 business days.

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