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New York and pizza share a long history together. Contrary to the Chicago deep dish or a greasy pizza you’d see in California, New York pizza has developed into its own style. Easily recognizable by its thin crusts and light tomato sauce, pizza parlors have become very popular in the tri-state area. Because of the demand for New York pizza from tourists and locals alike, there are a total of 9000 pizzerias in New York alone.

Making pizza takes skill and constant labor because New York-style pizza is hand tossed and sell out quickly as this food is eaten as a fast food. But the most expensive part of running this type of business is the ingredients that go into making the pizza. What distinguishes the crust is the high-gluten powder that makes the slice pliable enough for customers to fold their pieces and eat it and the ingredients that go on top of the pizza have high costs as well. Some places outside of the New York area even try to ship out New York water in the belief that the minerals in their water make the pizzas taste more authentic.

When an owner of a pizza parlor approached Xpress Loans 911 Funding, he spoke about a possibility of his business shutting down due to a broken oven. An oven is vital to any pizza parlor’s success and takes a lot of money to replace. It was difficult to attain funding from banks and he need funding fast. With our quick and free pre-approval process, he was able to get his funding within 3-5 days and was able to turn his business around.

Many businesses face this dilemma every day. With unforeseen variables that could arise at any moment, a company that may not have needed funding one day could be turning to funding alternatives the next. What Xpress Loans 911 Funding hopes to accomplish is a good relationship with business owners that need funding at any moment. It could be for reasons as big as a store expansion to inventory as vital as a pizza oven. No matter what the cause, Xpress Loans 911 is here to offer a helping hand.

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