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Competing in a Crowded Local Market through a Business Cash Advance

Hello, my name is a Jonathan Maloney and this is how I became a lifelong customer and partner with Legend Advance Funding. I have been working contract in the pool building and cleaning service industry in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX beltline for more than five years. This was a lucrative niche in the industry, but I always dreamed about starting my some of my own. I wanted to be a small business owner to build, grow and leave a family legacy for future generations to come. However, I knew that this was going to be an uphill battle and that my savings would not be enough to run a full service operation. I needed funding and I needed it as quick as I could possible get it, because I knew in this business when it came to longevity, it wasn’t the big that ate the small, it was the fast that ate the slow. I knew that I had to swim faster than the flood of new start-ups in the pool industry so that the first sign of success was not just to catch my breath. This saturation would prove to be difficult to overcome without some assistance. I needed someone to believe in me; I needed a partner that had confidence in my ability to succeed.

Recently, I found a great new location to setup my store front, office and a shop to hold my business inventory. It was perfect! Located directly off a highly traveled main road, the cost would more than pay for itself with a single flying banner with my companies’ logo, contact information and name. This would be perfect when launching my new business marketing campaign. Additionally, it came equipped with large enough storage to house a clean, well run supply chain operation of all of my pool cleaning gear and chemicals. [Mention housing dangerous chemicals]

So I called the city and gather there the appropriate information to contact the realtor. Upon reaching out I discovered that to no surprise this perfect real estate property was just put on the market, had several bids and was a solid premium. However, the numbers still made sense and were inline of my projected future sales. I knew that this property was what was going to be the difference between me and the competitor. This was going to allow me to build a strong foundation that would go past just a summer seasonal company; this property was going to allow me to be provide year around pool service for many years to come. All being said, I knew that I was not going to be able to afford the down payment with my current personal capital. If there was only a way that I could get the money now, I knew that future sales would be more than enough to cover the funding.

Conventional wisdom told me that the only way to acquire start-up funding was from a small business loan from a traditional banking outfit. So, I prepared all of my notes, sales forecasting numbers and began to practice presentation. Finally, ready to share my excellent start-up business ideas, I feared that all of my hard work so far would not be confined by the three single numbers that made up my credit score. Although, I had no lingering negative exposure that would impact my score, I did suffer from lack of credit. This was going to be soon be my worst nightmare. Time was not on my side and I needed money now.

Not far from my home, there is an intersection that is the resting spot for all the world’s largest traditional commercial banks. Scared to enter my own back yard, I made several appointments to present my small business plan. Needless to say, my presentations quickly became combatant and swiftly became a strong sales pitch to a board of deaf eared so called lenders. Even for my small requested amount, they pressured me to provide collateral to leverage the loan. They wanted sales now and reprimanded me for not having previous debt on my credit score. Although even foreseeing the inevitable decline on my funding, I took each individual so-called lenders three hundred page application home for review. One hundred sheets of paper and close to five hundred signatures later of mulling through the noise that was bank jargon, the conclusion was clear: Denied! Even for preapproval. What were my options? Were there small business loan alternatives out there that would look past my credit history? Could I be approved for the funding quickly to secure my success?

After falling victim to the vicious credit cycle, I found myself in a position to either give-up or discover an alternative. I exhausted my web browser until I saw it, I found what they call a business cash advance. It was just what I needed to secure the money to start my company and fulfill my lifelong dream!

When I finally discovered Xpress Loans 911 Funding (LAF), I found myself interacting with individuals that sincerely wanted to help. I felt that staff really listened to my ideas and wanted to do everything in their power to insure my success. It was a seamless process, they offered more than an outrageous mountain of application documents, attached fees and false claims to insure my funding. Upon a swift 24 hour application process and with no collateral required I was approved for funding in 3 business days! I was got funding in days, because my approval was based on my future monthly sales and not on a debt score that I didn’t have.

As a real value add, Xpress Loans 911 Funding immediately began to establish the trust needed to begin a partnership. One of the best parts with working with Xpress Loans 911 Funding was the high amount of trust they had in me to execute my business plan accordingly. I did not once feel as if the linger eyes of the more traditional banks where on me. “You know your business better than anyone!” they claimed and they were right!

Thanks to my partnership with Xpress Loans 911 Funding, I was able to close on my new store location, bring on additional staff, and give my company a strong sense of longevity with a surplus of inventory. Trust me when I say that Legend Advance Funding is a guaranteed “no headache partnership” that believes in its customers.

Look no further than Xpress Loans 911 funding for your business cash advance today!

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